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Lars Strong

Wood and Stone

In all that Lars creates out of wood, stone, or metal, he continues refining the shapes, particularly the transitions from one curve to another, until he experiences “beauty”. Beauty for Lars is uninterrupted flow. He often utilizes found wood in his pieces. Sometimes he is not able to identify the species of wood. However, once he has worked with the wood he learns many physical characteristics about the wood, such as: density, oil content, how much the grain pulls tools as it is being worked, and strength. He is not so much interested in what he uses to create works of art as he is in what he creates. He doesn't create art as a form of activism; there is no “story” he's trying to tell with his art. He is simply creating forms that please him, and forms that he hopes others find unique. He believes art makes it possible for us to have unique experiences of ourselves – experiences we could not have in any other way. If there is any intention for what he creates, it is for people to have unique experiences they will value.

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