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Mary Ellen Merrigan

Handmade Chain

About five years ago, Mary Ellen forged a relationship with handmade chain when she decided to make closures for her beaded necklaces.


The pounding and forming of each metal chain link is mesmerizing. The added expression and intentionality completes her art.  Her work indulges a metal mix of sterling silver and red brass, which turns a beautiful copper when fired.


Chain and metal collage represent strength, depth and perseverance. Standing up for one-of-a-kind. Wildly imperfect. Inimitable - just as individuals are unique.


Her career was built in the implausible world of selling air, the competitive world of broadcast advertising. Today she applies her creativity to emphasize joy in the present moment -- making chain, coaching clients, or living life.


See her displays at Amapola Gallery or Mary Ellen Beads.

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