Judy Rose  


Judy will only be displaying her work virtually this year. If you would like to purchase one of her items seen here, call / email her at

(406) 461-3630 or hanginrailranch@aol.com and she would be happy to meet you at O'Bean's Coffee Shop in Sandia Heights to deliver the item and take your payment.


Square, Cash & Check


12760 San Rafael Ave NE ste c-2

GHOST RANCH - Framed 9x12 acrylic painting - $200.00

Fine silver (PMC) and square onyx earrings Length: approx 2 in - $80

18 inch fresh water pearls w small sterling silver beads spacers and magnet clasp Pendant is 1+ in diameter fine silver PMC of Ancient Goddess Image - $150.00

Fine silver earrings (PMC) of Ancient Goddess image Size: 1+ inch diameter - $150.00

Necklace: 18+ in high grade faceted lapis necklace w sterling silver magnet clasp W small Fine silver pendent of gecko image - $100